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"Chickadee" Acrylic Workshop Past Workshop Join Carey from C-Unique Creations for another Pinterest inspired project! These stained pine strips are staggered and stacked to create a unique canvas, ready come alive with gorgeous painted Chickadees perched on a branch. Carey will walk you through the step-by-step process of painting the tree and as many Chickadee’s as you wish using acrylic paints and simple techniques. The final masterpiece is sure to wow and will quickly become a cherished piece of art to display for years to come!

Alcohol Ink 4 Tile Workshop


 Past workshop!


"Merry Grinchmas" Workshop

Past Workshop!

With Christmas approaching create your own unique Merry Grinchmas piece of art! You might have pinned this DIY project in Pinterest and thought about creating it but its still sitting in you folder waiting for the prefect time! Well now here’s your chance too pop in and have everything supplies for you to make and take home or make for someone special. Christmas is right around the corner, don’t be a Grinch this year; get in the festive mood early.

Alcohol Ink on Christmas Ornament Tile




Past Workshop!

About Alcohol Ink


◊ This hands-on workshop will be an exciting glimpse into the world of alcohol inks.


◊ Alcohol inks are similar to watercolours, but alcohol inks dry more quickly.


◊ Alcohol inks are dye-based vibrant pigments that can be used on tile, glass, glossy paper and much more.


◊ This workshop is all about letting go and experiencing the flow of the ink moving into its own beautiful masterpiece.


◊ This workshop is great for anyone who wants to let their inner creativity flow.

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